Working with Steven Cao has been one of the best coaching experiences I’ve had, he’s been my coach since 2017 so far I’ve  competed in 5 shows total, even with my hectic schedule traveling with the military and working night shifts he always finds ways to compensate and make sure the coaching experience goes as smooth as possible. He’s always brought the best out of me and he continues to push me to be my best! If you’re serious about your training, diet, and physique I recommend him to get you where you need to be! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be your best!

Darryl Cooper

I came to Steven Cao with a goal to compete in a mens physique bodybuilding show and needed to shed off a good amount of body fat in a short three months . Even though we started working together at the beginning of Covid and the tough times that everyone has had to work through, he still was right  by my side every step of the way. Steven is a very attentive and caring coach and with his influence on myself and others along with his knowledge of the sport from competing professionally, there is no doubt you will reach a goal in mind. I look forward to working with him in the future  and seeing what we can do to help myself succeed in men’s physique bodybuilding as he has  already done and continues to do.

Josh Kauffman

Coaches don’t get any better than Steven. He will make sure you are always on track with your meals, workouts, and always check up on you giving you any advice when you need it. And as nice as he is, he will kick your butt in the gym making sure you are putting in the work to get to your goal. 100% you will be satisfied with the results he gets you guaranteed.

Alan Echenique